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Nadia Tehran



Nadia Tehran

Nadia Tehran says that she did not find her place until she finally understood that her fate was not to belong, but to be against everything. The daughter of a Muslim family of Iranian origin, she grew up in Sweden, in the Nordic country’s so-called Christian belt, where the feeling of not belonging led her to join the village punk band (yes, there was only one). Later, she became interested in rap, although the title of her 2016 debut EP, Life is Cheap, Death is Free, taken from the lyrics of her hit, Cash Flow could hardly be more brutal. On this disc, Nadia raps over a synthetic punk sound not so far removed from Suicide. "Do you want to blame me for your financial problems?", she protests on Refugee, the song that opens the record, and which all European leaders who are allowing the Mediterranean to become a cemetery should listen to. With just five songs, Nadia Tehran has really begun to make waves. Just wait until she drops her first LP, scheduled for release this year.


Sunday 24 of September


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