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Rock Folk


Melange are a five-piece band from Madrid who take their name from the drug that appears in the sci-fi saga Dune, but the name suits them particularly well because of its original meaning, “mixture”. Formed by ex-members of such outfits as Lüger, RIP KC, Bucles and Reserva Espiritual de Occidente, among others, their eponymous debut album fuses, in a surprisingly homogenous way, postrock, psychedelic rock, folk of different origins (Sephardic, West Africa, Celtic, Berber, Indian, etc.), jazz and medieval music. The result is a sound that falls somewhere between experimental and traditional rock and that reminds us, now of Soft Machine, Love and Vainica Doble, now of Tinariwen, swinging from one style to another. But, at heart, psychedelic music has always been about just that.


Sunday 24 of September


Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm