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Kou Keri Kou



Kou Keri Kou

For decades now, Anglo-Saxon artists have looked to Africa for inspiration, from Paul Simon to Vampire Weekend. Meanwhile, in Spain, interest in Latin American sounds goes back to the times of the Habanera and the rumba. Eclectic by choice and with no intention of cultivating any particular genre, Kou Keri Kou is a quintet formed by musicians formerly with different groups in the local underground pop scene: Jordi Gegé (Kana Kapila, Corte Moderno; guitar), Juantxo Agudo (bass), Ander Agudo (Rayo-60; percussion and drum machine), Olatz Azcona (Germán Carrascosa, Pelea!; vocals) and Pope (Bradien, STA; trumpet and flugelhorn). The band’s sound is based on popular music from all over, to which they add lyrics that are more biting than may seem at first listen. They now present their eponymous album, released on a local label, El Genio Equivocado.


Sunday 24 of September


Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm