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Joana Gomila


folk free-jazz

Joana Gomila

Just when it seemed that everything had been invented in Anglo-Saxon-influenced pop, more and more artists are beginning to breathe new life into it by fusing UK sounds with indigenous traditional popular music. The good news is that, sometimes, the results are really exciting. Joana Gomila is an artist from Manacor (Majorca) who started her career as a musician and later branched out into the performing arts —dance, theatre, circus and so on. On her 2016 album, Folk Souvenir, a title that might refer to the sale of local products to tourists, Joana follows just this path, reworking the Majorcan popular songbook based on recordings made by the legendary US ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, leading her quartet through a mixture of free jazz and improv. A truly surprising musical journey to Sa Roqueta.


Sunday 24 of September


Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm