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A seven-piece band formed by musicians who are all veterans of the Icelandic rock scene (former members of groups like Jakobínarína, Oyama and The Heavy Experience), their lyrics, in their native tongue, tap into Iceland’s rich literary traditions. However, if you don’t understand the words, don’t for one moment think that Grísalappalísa’s songs evoke the universe of the Icelandic sagas. Their main influences are krautrock and punk, and their sound is an eccentric postpunk pop that makes us think of Adam and the Ants on speed. Just watch the vid for their single ABC (filmed on the Ring Road) and you will see what we mean. More evidence comes in the shape of debut long-play Ali (2013), a concept album in which the two vocalists desperately trawl the dark back streets of Reykjavík in search of love and some kind of goal in life. Grísalappalísa are among bands from Reykjavík – this year’s guest city – scheduled to perform at BAM this year.


Sunday 24 of September


Plaça Joan Coromines