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Fumaça Preta

Portugal Veneçuela Gran Bretanya

Psicodèlia tropical

Fumaça Preta

Their name means “black smoke”, but if a conclave was formed to choose the best ambassadors of Tropicália in our times, then the white smoke would surely rise for this trio from Portugal, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. Not only because they fuse Brazilian traditional music with psychedelia, like Os Mutantes did before them; more, because the Tropicália movement was a state of mind that declared “anything goes” and, in that same spirit of “it is forbidden to forbid”, Fumaça Preta fuse Latin and African rhythms, funk, acid house and concrete music, all enriched by fuzz guitar. The band began to rise to fame with their homonymous album, released in 2014, and which they followed up in 2016 with Impuros fanáticos.


Saturday 23 of September


Rambla del Raval