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Equiknoxx Feat. Shanique Marie



Shanique Marie

The particle avant – borrowed from the term “avant-garde” – has been used as the prefix before the names of various musical genres to indicate a particular artist who takes their work farther than anyone else in their particular league. But has anyone seen the word applied to reggae? The answer is “no”, for sure, unless we are talking about Equiknoxx. Based in Kingston, Equiknoxx are a Jamaican band that, even though formed nearly a decade ago, continue to be the most innovative dancehall squad on that Caribbean island. You can recognise them, apart from their futurist riddim, in the birdsong that peppers their tracks. This explains the title Bird Sound Power (2016), chosen for the album that stands as the band’s “best of” since they first started out in 2009. At BAM, Equiknoxx will be accompanied on vocals by Shanique Marie, whose debut EP, Uno, came out in 2015.


Friday 22 of September


Rambla del Raval