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Endless Boogie


Krautrock Southern rock

Endless Boogie

There is no doubt about it: their name, taken from a John Lee Hooker album, fits them like a glove. They call their music “southern kraut rock”, and that moniker is pitch-perfect. Theirs is a sound that fuses rock with tradition, the classic formula of blues-rock heard that has rang out for decades in the southern United States. But their jams go on and on, like the insistent 4/4 beat of the Krautrock motorik, as if the Allman Brothers had driven onto Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, like ZZ Top making a free cover version of NEU!’s Hallogallo. Led by Paul “Top Dollar” Major and his cavernous voice, the band released their fifth album, Vibe Killer, in 2017.


Saturday 23 of September


Rambla del Raval