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Pop Música contemporània


In this solo project, Christophe Chassol, pianist, composer, arranger and musical director – this last a role he has performed for such compatriots as Phoenix and Sebastien Tellier –  seeks to “harmonise” reality. Chassol, a French artist with roots on the Island of Martinique, seeks to achieve this goal by narrating reality through his music. Firstly, he chooses a geographic area, taping its sounds (human voices, natural elements, etc.), then he picks out the underlying melodies from each recording. The result is what he calls Ultrascores: in 2013, he compiled these into a first volume, which was followed in 2016 by a second album on which he worked with such artists as Keren Ann, Yuksek, Pieuvre and Aquaserge. Life is a musical score, if you can just read it.


Saturday 23 of September


Plaça dels Àngels