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He is not in the “fucking trap house” and no one is going to beat him up over any “beef”. Bejo, who studies Audiovisuals, also stars in hilarious music videos that rack up millions of views on YouTube. And there is no “bitch” in his songs – it must be because, as he himself admits, his English is pretty poor. However, this MC from the Canaries avoids the clichés of Spanish hip-hop, swapping all the bragging for humour. He is not the “puto amo”, but the “puto amo de la casa”, not the damn boss but the boss at home. But this did not stop him from reaching the top – or perhaps he got there precisely thanks to his personality, which helps him to stand out from the rest. In his hit Mucho, from behind his round glasses and under a hair ribbon like a gift from a supermarket perfume stand, Bejo combines the rhetorical discourse of alliteration with street slang (“Mucho coche, mucho Mitsubishi”). A member of the Locoplaya collective (nominated for a Goya film award for their song Nuestra playa eres tú), Bejo now presents his first LP, Hipi hapa vacilanduki (2017).


Sunday 24 of September


Rambla del Raval