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Anna Meredith



Anna Meredith

Musical tastes are becoming more and more omnivorous, so it is no longer cause for surprise when a musician blends influences from the four corners of the planet, or mixes classical and popular music together. This latter idea is illustrated in the case of Anna Meredith, an outstanding, classically-trained Scottish composer who took the leap into the world of electronica. Although Meredith often works for the BBC (the Proms, the prestigious classical music festival organised by the broadcaster, has given her a commission or two, including her first opera), she released her first incursions into electronic pop, the EPs Black Prince Fury (2012) and Jet Black Raider (2013) and, above all, her acclaimed debut album Varmints (2016), on the independent label Moshi Moshi. Varmints, proclaimed Scottish Album of the Year, showcases her superb melodies, their popular hooks fused with a touch of sophistication that brings her closer to contemporary art music: the best of both worlds.


Friday 22 of September


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