Like society itself, the cultural and creative sector is in a process of permanent transformation. This is why, for the third consecutive year, Barcelona Institute of Culture’s Directorate for Creativity and Innovation launches the Apps&Cultura competition.


Apps&Cultura is a competition of ideas for applications that can be used on any device (computers, tablets or smartphones) to facilitate and/or promote public access to culture, helping those engaged in the cultural and creative industry to improve and develop their activities.


The competition is open to any team formed by two or more members. Those who do not initially form part of a team can register as individuals. A jury will select the best ideas submitted by these teams, and the teams selected will enter a training stage. The two best projects selected by the jury will be awarded 9,000 euros per team to enable them to develop their respective applications and to enjoy training and residency at the future Canòdrom Creative Research Park for three months.


Those entering the Apps&Cultura competition are also eligible to compete for prizes worth 13,500 euros if they use FI-WARE enablers by FI-CONTENT2, and can enter the final of Barcelona Smart City Apps Hack.


See full details about the competition in the “Prizes and Rules” section.


This Saturday 4th July we will have our Team Building, Ideation and Project Selection Day in Fabra and Coats. This is addressed to participants registered into our contest. The event is scheduled from 10:30h to 13:00h and from 14:30h to 18:30h.

APPS&Cultura 2015 Challenges

What cultural initiative am I interested in?

“How can we organise the city’s cultural facilities?”

All year round, Barcelona hosts a wide and varied range of cultural events, and many people might enjoy these more if they had more efficient access to them. Have you any ideas for promoting these events?

Your mission:

To create an application that reduces the “information noise” to which local people and visitors to Barcelona are both subjected, to provide quality content according to user profile.

Your solution:

  • Should take user profile into account.
  • Should enable users to discover “submerged” quality cultural content.


Your solution should enable users to discover new cultural experiences adapted to their profile and activity in the social networks.

Culture is transversal!

“How can we assist new formats and platforms that allow more groups to achieve access to culture?”

All groups, such as children and teenagers, the elderly and people with disabilities, use specific platforms and formats every day.

Your mission:

To create a solution that provides a specific group, using a particular platform and/or a new format, with access to cultural content.

Your solution:

  • Should take into account the special characteristics and conditions of the different groups, as well as their habits.
  • Should use existing platforms for access to cultural content.


Your solution should extend access to cultural content by using new formats with the appropriate platforms for each group.

Barcelona and the monetisation of culture

“How can we help artists to make a living from culture?”

Barcelona’s artistic and cultural wealth is one of the city’s greatest assets, but artists are not always able to make a living from their work. Applications can help artists to improve their monetisation strategies. Can you think of any proposal to achieve this?

Your mission:

To create a solution that enables professional artists to optimise the way they organise and market their work in Barcelona.

Your solution:

  • Should suggest new channels for monetisation that enable artists to generate revenue from their creations.
  • Should focus on the creative industries, not on end users.


Your solution help to promote Barcelona’s culture outside the city, so that cultural content is distributed better, with experiences that effectively promote the city and its culture.

Participation means connection between artists and audiences

“How can we enable audiences to participate more?”

In the context of the current digital paradigm, more artistic cultural creation requires specific new formats to promote its dissemination and/or participation.

Your mission:

To create a solution that enables artists to establish new professional ties with other artists and to link up with their fans in a more direct, personal way.

Your solution:

  • Should take into account the fact that each artistic practice has its own specific audience.
  • Should open up new channels for communication and exchange between artists.


Your solution should help to generate synergies between traditional “artistic” practices and new promotion and consumption formats in order to encourage participation.

Dates of interest


Those interested can register for the competition for twenty working days from the day following the publication of these rules in the Butlletí Oficial de la Província de Barcelona (Official Journal of Barcelona Province, BOPB).

Registration opens

3 June 2015

Registration closes

26 June 2015 


17 June 2015 19h at Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Meeting for the formation of teams, idea forming and selection

4 July 2015. Fabra i Coats Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20 at 10:30h.

Publication of those selected for the training phase

10 July 2015

Training begins

20 July 2015

Training ends

September 2015

Selection of winners

September 2015

Incubation of the winning projects

October, November and December 2015

Presentation to investors

January 2016