Olympic committees taking part in Barcelona

The 25th Summer Olympic Games held in Barcelona were the first  in 20 years not to suffer any political boycott. 172 Olympic Committees took part, as stated on page 396 of volume IV of the Official Report of the Games of the 
XXV Olympiad Barcelona 1992
. No representatives were sent from Afghanistan, Brunei, Liberia or Somalia, but in all four cases this was due to internal circumstances.

However, there were a number of changes compared with previous editions: the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the appearance of the Unified Team (the republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States plus Georgia); the return of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the appearance of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; the presence of South Africa after apartheid; and the unified teams presented by Germany and Yemen.

At the Paralympic Games, 82 delegations took part, with a total of 3,020 athletes competing.

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