• The Pavilion Mar Bella, 25 years later

    Currently called La Mar Bella Municipal Sports Complex, this sports facility hosted badminton Olympic and Paralympic boccia 25 years ago, during the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92.

    Today is the main equipment of school sports sport in the city, headquarters of the Council of School Sports in Barcelona where each week dozens of sports activities take place, usually aimed at children.

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/a6sPFLdTl0U/0.jpg a6sPFLdTl0U
  • Barcelona '92 is at the schools and colleges

    'The Game of the Games' is now on! More than 2,000 students from schools and colleges from Barcelona are doing activities related to the history, values, sports and the city that hosted the Olympic Games and Paralympics in 1992. "The game of the Games" is a set of sixteen challenges designed in four months by different teachers.

  • Interview Rafa Seguí, photographer of the Games

    Rafael Seguí was a photographer of the Newspaper and Magazine official Olympic Games of Barcelona '92. We interviewed him to know how to live the Games of Barcelona '92.

    During the Games formed three teams of photography in order to cover the event in the best way and he was specifically in charge of photographers who do images for the official Newspaper and Magazine.

    "Barcelona '92 was the greatest thing that can happen to a professional photographer," says Seguí.

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/4C7eo5Cpwgc/0.jpg 4C7eo5Cpwgc
  • New audiovisual at Museu Olímpic

    Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Barcelona '92, Commissioner for Sports, David Escudé has opened new spaces and new audiovisual Olympic Museum and Sports.

    First, have renewed audiovisual concentrated most striking images of the sport and the ramp are located on the ground floor. Secondly, on the second floor have created three new areas: engine space dedicated to the various forms of discipline; space photography Barcelona '92, commemorating games now twenty-five years; sports and space images, in conjunction with the biannual certainly FOTOSPORT

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/s1QAc6u_iSQ/0.jpg s1QAc6u_iSQ
  • INEFC, 25 years on

    The INEFC building (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia) currently has two offices, one in Barcelona and one in Lleida. The headquarters are located at the 'magic mountain', Montjuïc, and was built as part of the celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Barcelona '92. It was designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill and opened in 1991. During the games, hosted Olympic competitions and Greco-Roman wrestling, and during the Paralympic Games were held there the paralympic fencing and judo.


    http://img.youtube.com/vi/f3hkXaH97PM/0.jpg f3hkXaH97PM
  • Women: sport 'queens'?

    The role of women in sports, the sexualization of the female figure, the use of women as a sexual object and the lack of information on women's sport in the media have been the focus of the 2nd conference of the cycle 'City and Olympism', dedicated to the 'Women, sport and media', in which women related to the world of sport and the media have been participating to provide a constructive critical. In addition, you can retrive the conference online.

  • The feelings with Zurich Marató de Barcelona

    After meeting Mariona Blasi and how she gets ready for the marathon, an how it's been the training process, we'd like to know the feelings and sensations she's having looking forward for Sunday. In this third and last video we want to know how is living the days before the marathon. Nervous? Quiet? Alea iacta est!

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/nNkNsXbIzZ8/0.jpg nNkNsXbIzZ8
  • Getting ready for Zurich Marató de Barcelona

    In this second video, Mariona Blasi explains how is the training process for non professional runners and how is it related with family life and a job.

    This Sunday, Save The Date! Is 'Zurich Marató de Barcelona' day, where thousands of runners will join this great day! If you haven't seen Mariona's first video How is running Zurich Marató de Barcelona?


    http://img.youtube.com/vi/wS5Dlx9z5a0/0.jpg wS5Dlx9z5a0
  • How to face the Zurich Marató de Barcelona?

    We meet Mariona Blasi, a passionate sportswoman who at age 44 seeks to finish her third Zurich Marató de Barcelona. Through different reports that we will publish during these days everything related to her and the marathon, the training process, how live the family the process and how she lives the previous moments.

    In this first chapter, we focus on Mariona and the challenge of facing a marathon. Through their testimony we want to approach the thousands of amateur runners who, on Sunday, March 12, will start the maraton ready to fulfill the challenge of running 42km.

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/rCsvvPVXuec/0.jpg rCsvvPVXuec
  • Presentation of 39th Zurich Barcelona Marathon

    Commissioner of Sports, David Escudé, this morning the Zurich Barcelona Marathon in 2017.

    The event has had six major players, Olympic medalists from the Barcelona Marathon 92, as this year the Zurich Barcelona Marathon is one of the major events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 1992.

    Regarding the news of the race, more than 20,000 athletes participate in this new edition of the test, 50% of whom are foreigners. Also reached 20% of women, therefore, more than 4,000 women, record, take the exit on 12 March.

  • Let's celebrate International Women's Day!

    Hassiba Boulmerka, 1500m Olympic champion challenged the sexism of much of his country, Algeria. However, it has always played a leading role in the struggle for women's equality in sport especially, which earned him win the Prince of Asturias Award in 1995.


  • The Pau Negre, 25 years later


    The current Municipal Sports Complex Pau Negre, opened in 1975 under the name of Camp du Cinquantenaire in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Catalan Hockey Federation is today a facility with hockey and athletics as protagonists.

    In 1992, during the Olympic Games was the point of departure and arrival of the Cross circuit, included at Modern Pentathlon. During the Paralympic Games was the stage of football 7 competition.

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/APOYO4keub4/0.jpg APOYO4keub4
  • Piscines Picornell, 25th years later


    25 years ago Piscines Picornell were to host the Games of Barcelona '92. Today, there are a Municipal Sports Centre open to the public.

    Actually, Piscines Picornell have two olympic swimming pools, a fitness romm, an area of ​​CrossFit, directed activity rooms, a wellness area and three paddle courts.

    Piscines Picornell were renovated for the Games, and were olympic stage of swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and pentathlon; and paralympic stage of swimming.

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/DluNArmki48/0.jpg DluNArmki48
  • First conference "City and Olympism"

    Wednesday, February 8, El Born CCM, has started the cycle of five conferences "City and Olympism" with conference "Games behind the scenes" in which various speakers reflect on the role that had Municipal Operations Centre during the Games, where they manage emergencies that arose during the event. They were also the protagonists of the talk plan extension of physical education, the Truce of Sarajevo, the Olympic and changing vision that was in the city after the Games.

    Another key aspect of the conference was the presentation of a new edition of the magazine "La Municipal", which includes a sample of articles published between 1990 and 1994 related to the Games.

  • Presentation of the 25th anniversary of Barcelona '92

    The Ajuntament of Barcelona has presented at an event in the Saló de Cent, the commemorative program to celebrate the 25 years of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Barcelona'92. At the event have met the highest authorities of the Catalan and Spanish sports.

  • Barcelona '92 celebrates the 25th anniversary

    The city is prepared to commemorate one of the most important moments in its history: the celebration of the XXV Summer Olympics of '92. The event marked a turning point for the city, which projected itself to the future and to the world. For this reason, Barcelona City Council gives the official beginning to the celebration of this year commemorative in an act in the Saló de Cent with the presence of the maximum authorities of the sport of Catalonia and Spain.


  • The lighting of the cauldron

    Antonio Rebollo, with the bow in his hands, waited for the fire torch arrived in the hands of basketball player Juan Antonio San Epifanio, known as Epi, that was the last torch relay in Barcelona '92 Olympic Games. At that time, the archer lit the tip of the arrow and the stadium, packed, remained silent. Rebollo shot the arrow to the top of the stadium, just where was the cauldron. After a few seconds of uncertainty, the cauldron was lit and the XXV Summer Olympic Games were officially opened. A success!



Fri, 03/03/2017 - 13:42

The ‘Games Game’ gets under way

Education. The initiative gets under way on 6 March with the handing over of teaching materials which will be used by participating centres to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Barcelona ‘92.

Mon, 13/03/2017 - 15:56

The role of women in sport, focus for the 2nd ‘The City and the Olympics’ conference

Talks. Women from the world of sport and the media will be taking part, offering a critical but constructive vision of the situation.

Thu, 16/03/2017 - 10:26

The INEFC, 25 years on

Facilities. The INEFC, a venue for the Barcelona Olympic Games and Paralympics in 1992, is currently a leading place for university sports training in sport and physical activity.

Remembering the Games in Barcelona!

25 years ago Barcelona hosted one of the most important moments in its recent history with the organization of the Olympic Games in 1992. Throughout this year we would like to remember the Olympic Games as the great event that projected the city to the future and that opened it up to the entire world as a one of the biggest sports city and as a model for civic society.


You can consult here the full program of all the events and activities planned for the City Council to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games and keep alive the memory of the games.

Olympic Stories

During the Barcelona Olympics ’92 there were a big number of significant stories. Some of them were small stories which became iconic moments. But other sotries, where whatershed for the sports history.


You can revive the best moments of the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92. Ceremonies, athletic feats, and everything related to an event that made vibrate Barcelona 25 years ago.

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